Wednesday, 21 December 2016

What Would Complement More To The Bride’s Gown Than Flowers!

Weddings are one of the most important event in one’s life and flowers are the heart of it. Whenever we think of a wedding, a picture of a beautiful bride holding different kinds of beautiful flowers comes to our mind. Your wedding florist should see your dress to ensure that the flowers that they would be giving, matches to your dress.

Since it is your big day and you don’t want to compromise with any of the arrangements. Your bridal dress and bouquet is the centre of attraction so it is always a good idea to make them complement each other. It would enhance your look even more.

The London florist Moyses flowers are specialized in designing bouquets which goes right with your wedding dress. Here are some examples of bridal boutique inspired by some of the beautiful wedding dresses. Orchids and roses are the perfect choice for a red carpet wedding dress. Cidnium orchids look elegant on floral structured dress. A bouquet full of green leaves would be perfect for a spring inspired bridal dress. Red roses with lots of leaves serves a perfect combination for a bridal dress to be worn in winter.

If you want to keep your dress simple, then you have lots of options such as calla lillies, tulips, euclaptus pods and kale. Pretty! Isn’t it? White kale and red roses go perfectly with a skirted gown dress.

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